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François Magendie, your naturopath in Barcelona

Trained as a chiropractor technician in 2007 at the CIM school of Alicante, I quickly became interested in alternative therapies. In 2013, having discovered on my own account the world of complementary medicines, I decided to follow a training at the Heilpraktiker naturopathic school of Barcelona.

I am now an official naturopath professional, member of APENB (Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy and Biotherapy) under the membership number XXX.

current ongoing trainings:
● Advanced Technician in Nutrition and Dietetics;
● Reflexology at Vipassana school of Barcelona.

Naturopathy in brief...

Philosophy, strategy and method

A naturopath sees disease as a manifestation of something going wrong in the body as a whole, and fights for the whole organism to get back to a healthy state, as opposed to fighting against a disease. The naturopath stimulates the body with natural remedies and techniques for its return back to health and promotes preventive maintenance. The method consists in getting to know the clients to detect what may be the cause of their problem: diet, work activity, temperament, health history and current treatments, habits and lifestyle, etc. The naturopath then defines a protocol of recommendations that the client has to understand, accept, and in which he/she must actively participate.


When can we consult a naturopath?

Naturopathy can help with many ailments, from the mildest to the most severe, whether acute or chronic. In most cases, a doctor's diagnosis is imperative before beginning treatment. Naturopathy is an interesting additional option:
● If you simply want to have an idea of your health state and wish to acquire good and healthy habits of life before falling prey to disease;
● If you want to complement your allopathic treatment with a natural treatment;
● Or when the results of conventional medicine are not fully satisfying.

A good naturopath systematically ensures the compatibility of his/her recommendations with the medical treatment.

Can the naturopath and your doctor work together?

If you follow a treatment prescribed by a physician, your naturopath must be informed. Inversely, and for your own benefit, it is best that the physician also knows that you are consulting a naturopath.

Therapies and techniques

The protocols of recommendations that I propose include several therapies, among which are the following:


Eating does not imply digesting properly, nor receiving the correct nutrients... Without over-looking the pleasure aspect, eating properly also involves following a few guidelines, depending on your circumstances, and your physical and mental states.

LIfestyle hygiene

Routine engulfs us all... and while there is nothing wrong with it - having proper life habits helps secure a renewed vitality and energy every day - turning our routine into chaos is detrimental for our health in the long run, both physically and mentally...

Detox and cleansing

We all, to a greater or lesser extent, carry our share of toxins; and our body cannot always eliminate them efficiently. While everything cannot be eliminated, I will guide you to alleviate this burden with protocols that stimulate your depurative organs.


The properties of many plants are already studied scientifically. Their therapeutic value has always been praised worldwide. Well used, the natural chemistry of plants is more respectful of the body than synthetic, laboratory chemicals.


Trace elements (manganese, zinc, cobalt, etc.) are minerals naturally present in our body in very small concentrations. Among other functions, they are used to catalyse many of the chemical processes of our metabolism; their excess or deficiency can trigger diseases, both physical and psychic.


Essential oils are highly concentrated in active ingredients. These complex natural chemical compounds can act at intracellular level. Because of this, it is almost impossible for bacteria to create resistance against them.

Manual therapies

Direct interventions during the session allow me to better understand the underlying condition that brings you to my office, so I can help you better. Depending on the case, I will use: massage; cupping (fixed or mobile); hydrotherapy;....

Schüssler salts

The Schüssler salts are mineral salts which reactivate nutrients / waste exchanges through the cell membrane, and are used to treat physical, emotional or mental disorders, of chronic or acute types.

Bach flowers

These flowers’ dilutions are primarily used to influence the moods, character and temperament, such as: fear, uncertainty, indifference to present circumstances, loneliness, over-sensitivity to external influence and ideas, despondency and despair, overcare for welfare of others.

The standard session

Sessions are scheduled exclusively via prior appointment. The format of each session can vary depending on the case, but generally follows the following pattern:
● The first session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and the following ones about an hour. The first session is usually a guided substantial discussion based on questions, observations and physical examination to establish a case evaluation - in some cases I use some manual therapy in this first session.
● Based on the initial assessment, I will prepare a protocol of therapeutic recommendations which includes my detailed evaluation report and my proposed natural treatment. The proposal almost systematically includes a preliminary phase of toxins and toxic drainage to prepare the body to the treatment itself. This protocol is sent to you.
● If needed, the following sessions are for the monitoring and / or the application of a manual therapy.

I can attend to you in English, Spanish and French.

Contact me for an appointment...


Monday to Friday all day and Saturday until 12:00.
Consultations at my private office, Calle Penedes, in Gràcia area in Barcelona .
I can attend to you in ENGLISH, SPANISH or FRENCH .

Consultations via Skype

The first session will always be at my office. From the second session, and depending on the case, online consultations could be arranged.

Prior appointment necessary

To ba arranged at: 555555555
or by email:


The price of each session is X€.
Session at your place (in Barcelona): x€.